Jeffi Girgenti is a small business owner, homeowner. Jeffi has lived in the County Supervisor District 3 for several decades. Her father was a Police Officer in the City of San Fernando.


As an equestrian and horse owner, she supports and respects the rights of individuals to maintain that lifestyle and property rights. 


As a dog owner/lover she supports and respects the rights of those “without a voice” when it comes to the humane treatment of animals.


As a homeowner she supports property rights and the right not to be overtaxed or having one’s rights infringed by over development.


As a small business owner, she is a strong advocate for the rights of those hard working individuals who step up to do the same.


Paid for by Jeffi Girgenti for LA County Supervisor ID #1442653

"What we need is not more federal government, but better local governments".
-Calvin Coolidge-